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ChrissFlyer/The Exbir is now on Instagram.
Good news. Finally I got modern and got donated a smart phone. I lived without a smart phone for many years - and honestly did not missed it to much. But now I can share my travel-moments, pictures and emotions much better and faster with you via Instagram. You can now follow my adventures and travels easily - just follow "Exbir-Travel".

The Instagram Account is a shared one from Exbir and The-Exbir with me and my friend FlyMartin posting pictures from our travels arround the world.  As we are often travelling off  the beaten track  we hope to inspire your for your own travels and maybe can give you some great ideas or suggestions to visit some beautiful but not so well known places.    You will find pictures all arround the world -  as the complete globe is our travel playground.   Follow us on Instagram

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