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Nan - the northeastern mountain city - was a positive surprise. Nan is cute, Nan is quiet. Nan is relaxing and cute. But rich in history and culture. Life is way smaller then in most other Thai cities. And its significiant cleaner then most other cities.

My first impression of Nan was very positiv: My bus from Phitsanulok arrived late and I had no idea where I am. So I went to a nearby restaurant and asked for some directions. Many smiles and surprised faces - Farrangs are not common here. After a while five people looked at my adress and after a while with the help of googlemaps they find out where to go. The boss oft the restaurant told one of the waiters to bring me there - to ensure I won ´t get lost. So I got a free ride on the back of a motorcycle. People generaly are more laid back and friendly here in the northeastern part. Tough - if you wanna travel here you should not expect anyone speaking english. Even students - who have english lessons in school may only be able to ask "Where are you from" - but understand nothing. You are off the beaten track.

Nan is really different then the Thai towns I´ve been before. In the old town area they do have a lot of pretty wooden houses with big yards and gardens. Everything is green and spacious. A really relaxing atmosphere.

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