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Less then 4% of all the foreigner visiting Thailand choose the north-eastern part: While Chiang Mai, Pai, Chiang Rai have a good Backapcker Scene the north-east is still pretty much untouched by travellers: Sometimes you won´t see a farang (Thai for white westener - means "Long Nose") for a complete day in this area. Wich is great if you wanna see real Thai living and culture : But normaly bad if you look for hostels.........    

So I was super positive surprised to find this amazing hostel in Phitsanulok. The Karma Home Hostel is a kind of a backpackers heaven: And as the name says-its about Karma. About good Karma: Sharing. Not only the room and the facilities wich is obvious. :-)

Its one of the few hostels wich are a home far awayy from home - where strangers turn into mates fast. The owner Marc from the UK is very welcoming and enjoing his hostel-pr oject. He really care´s about guests and create´s a very special and welcoming atmosphere. 

Sometimes he goes out with his guest for dinner or to the night market. He always points out if something going on - so that guests can go there together. Even if you just arrived you can get in to the group easily.  

The hostel is pretty small. So ist more like a backpacker-familly. The hostel offers three types of acmondation: The cheapest for just 150 Baht (4€) is a tent on the roof topp: Pretty cool idea, and safe because there is a big roof in case of rain. For 200 Baht (5,50€) you can get a bed in a dorm. There is also one airconditioned dorm available from 250 Baht (7€). 

There is pretty fast WiFi with a good signal in the rooms and the roof-topp. Clean an big bathrooms with hot shower. And a common kitchen where you can cook.

 There is always some food like tost, eggs, some noodels arround. Also some jam for the toast and some kind of cornfalkes was available. As this is a cool and relaxed backpacker place the food is by donation: So pay what you feel like in to a donation box. An interesting concept wich fits perfect to the atomsphere.

There is a wash-saloon just 2 minutes away, where you can use the washing machine for just 20 Baht. (0,65€). And you or can dry it on the roof.  

The rooftop is the best place of the hostel as you cna relax and read a book or use the WiFi and watch a movie.

A perfect place to relax and enjoy live and learn more about the real Thailand.

The host Marc offers also tours to the temple (Wat) and explains you about the religion. Its also not to far from Sukothai - just an hour by bus.

And if you need to get to the bus station, Marc gives you a ride if he has time. Such an nice and friendly place. Karma Home - the name is program here. I enjoied my stay a lot.

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