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Exbir-Comment:  ou can save on every airline wich is bookable via Global Distribution Systems like Amadeus and Sabre -  so over 750 airlines world wide!   It does not matter if you want to book a flight from Milan to Istanbul or Irrtutsk to Moscow or Bankgok to Sydney -  you can always save 40,01€!   Leipzig based travel-agency Fluege.de  sells 50€vouchers for 9,99€ as a promotion at the travel-deal-site ab-in-den-urlaub.de for a short time.   You can buy as many vouchers as you like and need.  This vouchers can be only used for flight pruchases over 100€ including taxes.  It does not apply if Flight price and tax are below 100€.  you can use it for nearly every airline.  Lst booking date is 30.08 2015.  There is no travel limit -  so you might already book flights for 2016 with this voucher in summer.   The agency will send you the 50€  exactly 28 days after the departure of the first flight to your bank account. Please note that it is recommended to use  an EU- bank account to reveive the money easily.    The company is dealing with vouchers often also for package holidays or hotels and normaly it works proper.  It happened in a small amount o cases that the agency had been late but after a short mail reminder they always pay within a few days.  We use this vouchers ourselve if we plan to book expensive legacy arlines liek Lufthansa, BA, SAS, Aeroflot, Air Berlin ro other expensive copnanies.  Low-Fare Airlines are normaly too cheap to use the voucher.  If you plan a very expensive flight you can also book two oneways and save up to 80€.  But tis is only recommended if the airline you look for is operating with a modern oneway-pricing-system.
The agencys does not take any payment fees for Fluege.de Mastercard (wich you can get for free), Visa Electron and in most cases also American Express.  If you wanna pay with other payment types there might be a fee between between 9,99€ and 19,99€ for example for Master&Visa-Card.  But you would still save 25€ or at least 20€ in this case.  (C)
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Aer Lingus A 320.  photo: Christian Maskos
Exbir-Comment: Not as cheap as Ryanair - but some good deals available. Aer Lingus has announced a summer sale for flights between April 1st and June 30th  on many european routes and UK routes from 19,99€ oneway inclduing all tax and fees.  You can fly for example from Ireland to many citys in the UK from 19,99€  and to Europe from 39,99€ for example to Amsterdam, Milan, Prag or Budapest  on Aer Lingus website.  By using our Austrian Metasearch you will get a big discount on all Aer Lingus flights and can even book cheaper: For example Dublin to Birmingham cost 19,99€ on Aer Lingus.com  (Screenshot)  will be available via our Austrian or German Meta-Search for just 11,19€ (Screenshot)  The discount is available with well known travel agencys like Opodo or Edreams wich give a big discount to be in front in the Meta-Engine.  The agencys will try to sell you insurance -  but you can just skip them and book Aer Lingus flights from 11,19€ oneway including all tax and fees.  There is no credit card fee if you pay with Visa-Entropay - wich you can get for free here. You can compare with other Engines like Skyscanner but there is not such a big discount.   As the discount is only given on the german website -  you have to book in german language -  but with google translate this should be easy.  Also its the same language familly. (C)
See Exbir-Metasearch 
See Aer Lingus-Sale
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Exbir-Comment: Our partner Sixt offers 15% discount on all standart rates for our customers.  Sixt - one of the leading car rental companys in Europe offers an amazing discount fo9r car rentals.  If you book before febraury 28th you will get a special discount from 15% for car rentals in Europe and the US on the normal rates. (C)   See special offer
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First Class Error-Fare ab 542€ mit Qatar Airways.  Foto: Christian MaskosExbir-Comment: Great First-Class_Deal!
Bravofly (Screenshot)(ScreenshotII) there is a nice Error-Fare with one of world best airlines 5* Carrier Qata Airways for flights from Amsterdam to Alahsa inS audi Arabia.  The tickets are booked partly in Buzsiness and partly in First.  You can also use the amazing Exeutive First-Class-Terminal in Qatar.  Most dates available in september and october when it is still sunny and warm but not to hot.   Pleas enote that suadi arabia is very restrictive with Visa and mostly only Visas issued for business or religous travel.  If you have a Visa or might know someone who send you an invitation you should book this fare.  Its hzard to find a better value for your money then this offer with exellent Qatar Airways.   You can book - depending on yor language - with Bravofly, Bravofly UK or Bravofly France.  Please also visit the official website for Tourism in Saudi Arabia for further informations.(C)  To Bravofly
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Air Baltic plane.  photo: Christian MaskosExbir-Comment: Some cheap tickets in Air Baltics sale. Air Baltic has a interesting sale with some fair prices for flight to an and from Riga from several european citys.  You can fly from 20€ from Riga to Talinn or for 29€ to Copenhagen, Milano or Roma.  Flights to germany starting from 39€.    See offer
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Air Asia Airbus in Singapore.  photo: Christian Maskos
Exbir-Comment: Really great prices with asias biggest budget airline.
Air Asia has another big sale for travelling between August 2015 and March 2016.  You can find many flights for as low as 6$ US or 5€ on many routes througout southeast asia.  If you wanna travel Down Under to Australia you can do so from as little as 26$ (23€)  for example from Denpasar (Bali) to  Darwin or for 32$ to Perth.  Domestci flights for example from Kuala Lumpur to alor Setar, Penang, Langkawi, Kotor bahru and many more starting at 6$.  Flights between Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong or Cina starting from 33$. Flights between Kuala Lumpur and Colombo starting from 66$.  There are many very cheapflights from many destinations in asia to asia and austrialia.  Its worth to have look. (C)
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Flybe has an interesting with 35.000 seats under 35GBP on many interesting routes throughout europe. For example you can fly  to Münster-Osnabrück, Caen, Cammpbeltown, Wick, Exeter, Isle of Man, Rennes or Tiree for prices starting in fact from arround 25,99 GBP.  To avoid Flybe´s adminsitrations and Payment fee we highly recommend to use the french meta-search-engine easyvoyge  (please make sure to use the french version in french language). There you get even a small discount on the Flybe flights with Bravolfy if you pay with a normal Mastercard.  But note you do not see the discount imdeatly in eassyvoyage - you see first in the second stepp after you choose Bravofly via easyvoyage.  You can save the credit card fees and also get a little better flight-rpice. 
Go to Flybe
Go to easyvoyage
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See the world from upstairs with a domestic flight from Al bateen to Dubai.  photo: Christian MaskosFlight Center UK has an interesting offer for all who are planning a trip arround the world.  For 999 BP including all taxes and fees you can fly between April 20th and May 10th from London arround the world with stopps in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles and New York.   But note - you have to make your own way on the short sectors from Melbourne to Sydney and from Los Angeles to New York.  But that give you the option to see even more of the country and stopp in places of interest on the way.


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Exbir-Comment: Not really cheap - but if there is no Ryanair or Wizzair alternative it's often the cheapest.Vueling has announced a sale with 320.000 tickets for 39,99€. Vueling is flying from the most major european citys like Vienna, Zurich, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Rome or Milan to Barcelona and also offering many routes to and from Paris, Brussels, Roma, Valencia, Madrid as well as domestic flights in Italy and Spain as well as flights to the Balearic or Canary Islands. For some great destinations San Sebastian, La Coruna, Oviedo but also to some destinations in Africa like Banjul or Algier. Vueling is often the best and cheapest option. There are many tickets for flights from Belgium, Austria, Germany, the UK, France and Italy to spain -  sometimes even in June or July for 39,99€. (C)  See Offer
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Skyline of Vancouver.  photo: Christian MaskosExbir-Comment: Good price for nonstop flights.
Air Transat has a special early bird offer for flights in the late spring and early summer season when British Columbia´s landscape is deep green. In the opinion of most locals and travellers the nicest time to visit B.C.  The cheapest flights are available from 385 GBP for example from Glasgow to Vancouver. Gatwick to Calgary is availabe from 407 GBP.  There are also many other offers for June and July wich are competetvie or cheaper then other airlines - so worth a look. Air Transat is oeprating flight from Birmingham, gatwick and Glasgow to St. Johns, Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. See Offer
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Up to 50% on flights to and from Ireland with aer Lingus.  photo: Maskos
Exbir-Comment: Good Deal for vacations  and weekends where flight prices have been already high.
Aer Lingus has announced a big summer sale with discount up to 50% on the base fare. This is most interesting in the main travel period and holiday season where flight prices are generally high and now discounted by up to 50%. The discount is not valid on tax, fees, fuel surcharge - so that off-season tickets still remain at the same price level from 19,99€. But if you plan to travel in main season you can save some money with the big base fare discount.
Discounted destinations from Dublin including Düsseldorf, Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Zurich, Warsaw, Venice, Bologna, Prague, Copenhagen as well as beach destinations like Ibiza, Majorca, Perpignan, Santiago de Compostela, Lanzarote, Naples or Dubrovnik. (C)
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Island Air offers - only until midnight January 15th  (Hawaiin time)   tickets for only 59$ including all tax and fees for interisland flights between the hawaiin island.  Island Air flies from Oahu to Kauai, Mauii and Lanai  with modern ATR aircrafts.  Travel Period until March 12. (C)
Island Air 
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Exbir-Comment: Combine AS Error-Fare with flight-search discount and get a world-class deal. Good Milage or segment-run. Update: Its gone - AS closed allcheap bookingclasses on selected  routes.... - now you only find prices over 1.000$ on the same flight :-(
With our flight search you can find flights from New York (EWR) to Denver via Seattle with Alaska Air from just 1,79 GBP/ 2,80$. This is a exellent milage run or segment run early this year to collect points or segments in your favourite FFP. The fare is arround 20€ - but reduced via search-engine disocunt.  European based travel agencys giving big discounts to be number one in flight searchs - so you can book cheaper via flight search.  (Screenshot). If you speakgerman you can save arround 20% or 0,50€ when booking in german language and Euro ascurrency.
Visit Exbir Flight-Search /   Visit Skyscanner
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