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Every Backpacker knows: The day you used all clothes comes sooner then you expect: Washing is some basic need. Specially if you do fly within Wizzair´s hand-luggage regulations. So if you´re on a budget but don ´t wanna waste time - thats the place to go.

In a student dorm just a few steps from Tempuri Noi subway station (one after central Uniri Stop) . But you can easily walk. Its a nice walk along the river or the main boulevard and youc an visit some historic churches on the way. you find "Easy Wasch" in the basement: A cheap self service-laundry. You have to bring your owm powder or buy it for arround 3 LEI (0,75€) in the superamrket next door.

The washing amchine is very good and fast. You can wash and dry in less then 50 minutes. And while you wait - they do have a nice couch and super fast WiFi. So if you wanna laod a video or pictures up - thats the place to do, as normaly no one else is in the WiFi.

Oh the cost: Its 10 RON for washing and 5 RON for dry. But it works. I tried many dryes and often I get semi-dry or even wet-clothes abck. This one is supeb - even winte-jackets are perfect dry.

Note: You do need small money to get the coins for the machine. And: The yguy at the entrance may ask you for your passport - as you official enter a student residence when you wash.


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